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Google provides 4-day weather forecast (for US)

Google now provides 4-day weather forecasts for queries such as “weather palo alto“.

The hundred-buck PC

In the Red Herring, another initiative for affordable computing clients for emerging markets, this one led by Nicholas Negroponte.

See also discussion at Slashdot.

The founder and chairman of the MIT Media Lab wants to create a $100 portable computer for the developing world. Nicholas Negroponte, author of Being Digital and the Wiesner Professor of Media Technology at MIT, says he has obtained promises of support from a number of major companies, including Advanced Micro Devices, Google, Motorola, Samsung, and News Corp.

The low-cost computer will have a 14-inch color screen, AMD chips, and will run Linux software, Mr. Negroponte said during an interview Friday with Red Herring at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. AMD is separately working on a cheap desktop computer for emerging markets. It will be sold to governments for wide distribution.

Korea Free Economic Zone

came across this in December 2004 Technology Review.
There are actually 3 different development zones, one near Incheon, Busan/Jinhae, and Gwangyangman.

Still interested in coming up with something interesting to do in Korea.

Harvard Korean Center

Found an old newsletter in a box of papers.

Nvu – open source FrontPage-like tool

This looks interesting, if it works.
From the web site:
Nvu (pronounced N-view, for a “new view”) is an Open Source project started by Linspire, Inc. Linspire is committed exclusively to bringing Desktop Linux to the masses, and realized that an easy-to-use web authoring system was needed for Linux to continue its expansion to the Desktop. Linspire contributes significant capital, expertise, servers, bandwidth, marketing, and other resources to guarantee the continuation and success of the Nvu project.


Korean language resources

Korean Language Input (IME) for writing Korean text on computer
From the web site:
A comprehensive guide to installing and using the Microsoft Korean IME
for Window95/98/ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP – Korean language support for Windows or the Korean language pack. The IME allows users of
non-Korean versions of Windows to read and enter the Korean Hangul scripts
in IME enabled applications.

Korean Bookstore online

Links related to DIY media servers
From the project web site:
Media Portal turns your PC in a very advanced Multi MediaCenter / HTPC.
It allows you to listen to your favorite music & radio, watch your video’s and DVD’s, view, schedule and record live TV and much more. You get Media Portal for free/nothing/nada/noppes and best of all it is opensource. This means anyone can help developing Media Portal or tweak it for their own needs!
From the project web site:
MythTV is a suite of programs that allow you to build the mythical home media convergence box on your own using Open Source software and operating systems.

MythTV has a number of capabilities. The television portion allows you to do the following:

You may pause, fast-forward and rewind live Television.
You may install multiple video capture cards to record more than one program at a time.
You can have multiple servers, each with multiple capture cards in them. All servers are centrally managed and all programs are scheduled by the Master backend.
You can have multiple clients (called “frontends” in MythTV parlance), each with a common view of all available programs. Any client can watch any program that was recorded by any of the servers. Clients can be diskless and controlled entirely by a remote control.
You may use any combination of standard analog capture card, MPEG-2, MJPEG, DVB or HDTV capture devices. With appropriate hardware, MythTV can control set top boxes, often found in digital cable and satellite TV systems.
Program Guide Data in North America is downloaded from, a subsidiary of Tribune Media Services. This free service is called DataDirect, and provides MythTV almost two weeks of scheduling information. Program Guide Data in other countries is obtained using XMLTV. MythTV uses this information to create a schedule that maximizes the number of programs that can be recorded if you don’t have enough tuners.
From the article:
We built Medusa here at SnapStream to show off the new multi-tuner capabilities of Beyond TV 3.5. Yes, it’s true: some TiVo’s and other PVRs let you record two shows at the same time. But how about turning up the volume on that idea? How about recording SIX of your favorite shows at the same time? Well, that’s what we set off to create using off-the-shelf computer parts and Beyond TV 3.
From the project web site:
Freevo is an open-source home theatre PC platform based on Linux and a number of open-source audio/video tools. MPlayer and/or Xine can be used to play audio and video files in most popular formats. Freevo can be used both for a standalone PVR computer with a TV+remote, as well as on a regular desktop computer using the monitor and keyboard.

Freevo is easy to download and install for new users. Most hardware is supported (graphic boards, sound cards and video capture devices).

The Freevo core is under heavy development. It is mostly written in the Python programming language which is very well suited for high-level control applications like Freevo.

$99 Ethernet device development kit

Advertised in EETimes, December 20/27, 2004

Includes development board with RCM3720, 512K flash, 256K SRAM, 1MB Serial Flash, 33 digital I/O, full version of development software, TCP/IP stack, sample programs, AC adapter

Promotional price $99, normally $199.

Could be handy for building ethernet devices of various sorts.

Build-Your-Own Branded Logo Merchandise Online

This might be useful for building a “gift shop” for Kuppam or similar projects. Perhaps the women’s jewelry activity could do something with this.

Also Anu Radha or someone should follow up on the Amazon listing for the Kuppam coffee table book.

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