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140 characters is nice but doesn’t always work

I haven’t been posting here in a while, but think I will try picking up the keyboard here a little more frequently. I added a twitter box on the sidebar a while back, as I have been experimenting with that more, along with friendfeed, facebook, etc. I like the brevity and immediacy of twitter, but not everything fits in 140 characters. You can find me on twitter and friendfeed as “hjl”, also on Facebook.

HJL at the inauguration

HJL at obama inauguration

Me at Barack Obama’s inauguration, via FotoFlexer’s MyInauguralPhoto service. Just call me Zelig. (via TechCrunch)

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Davis World Cup 2008

Flags at the 2008 Davis World Cup 

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at the Davis World Cup with the Palo Alto AYSO spring U12 girls team, the Blue Bandits. There were over 120 teams, and each team in the tournament gets the flag of a FIFA World Cup country. This is fun, but can make it difficult to figure out who you’re playing, as the schedules are all published under the names of the countries, not the actual names of the teams. We were “Bermuda”, although I spent the first day thinking we were “Bahamas.” 

The girls had a lot of fun. The highlight of the series was a rematch with the Concord Chaos (Tanzania),  who we tied 2-2 at last week’s Concord Cup. This weekend we placed 3rd in Bracket A, while the Concord Chaos placed 2nd in Bracket B, which put us in an elimination match to get to the next round.

Setting up for penalty shootout at the elimination round

The match was tied 1-1 at the end of the 2nd half, so the result was decided with a penalty shootout that ended the game in our favor 3-2.

We got knocked out of the tournament at the quarterfinals by Paso Robles (Uraguay) on Sunday afternoon, so no matches on Monday. Five games in two days was probably enough for most of the girls. They also went out to the movies together to see Narnia – Prince Caspian, visited the Davis Farmer’s Market, and probably had too much pizza and Jamba Juice.

U12G brackets A and B at Davis World Cup 2008 


Youth Soccer, From Above

The First Half - Youth Soccer - Rhymes With Orange 08-05-21  

A fine depiction of field positions in a typical youth soccer match, from Rhymes With Orange.



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The inside of my Thinkpad T42p

The inside of my Thinkpad T42p 

This morning the IBM service tech came to replace the failed fan assembly in my Thiinkpad T42p. The Thinkpad has been fairly indestructable, having gone around the world several times without any problems. So I was surprised when I started getting “Fan Error” messages just after the BIOS splash screen while setting up on Sunday evening. Fortunately, I also got the 24-hour onsite support contract back when I got the system. It ended up taking more like 36 hours to get someone out here, but I did call in the middle of the night.

That reddish assembly at the middle left is the heatsink and fan. The system board runs a test to make sure the fan will spin up before proceeding with the system boot process; the original fan will spin manually, but the motor seems to have failed. I’m glad to have the technician replace the fan instead of doing it myself. Getting the heatsink off the graphics chip required some significant prodding with a sharp knife to unbond the heat compound sticking them together.

The past day and a half I’ve been using other computers around the office, which has been kind of strange. Even though they’re all part of my normal setup, nothing is in the right place, since I keep reaching or looking in a different direction than usual. It’s been like working in someone else’s office. This evening I’ve gotten everything synced back up, but probably need to start thinking about migrating off the Thinkpad at some point as it continues to age.

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Google search results and DMOZ editorializing?

I’ve never seen a search result page like this before. The meta text “Conservative think tank claiming to report about events and nations strategically important to the United States” doesn’t appear any where in the referenced page, which doesn’t contain any useful <META> content. Searching for that text, it looks like the text originated from the DMOZ directory listing.

Another entry from the same DMOZ list, the Kensington Review, also returns the DMOZ meta text, this time in place of the <META> text in the actual page. DMOZ says “An e-magazine of political and social commentary. When the left says the glass is half full and the right says it is half empty, Kensington suggests that it might be too big.” Kensington’s own META says “An electronic journal of political, financial and social commentary”.  DMOZ is a more interesting description, but again does not originate from the content itself. 

So it appears that DMOZ editors have greater influence over certain Google search descriptions than the actual sites themselves, which is not necessarily bad, but was certainly unexpected (to me). Overall I’d prefer that Google limit its editorial function to ranking and presenting the search results, and perhaps make the editorial opinions known, but not presented as definitive. 

I’m not particularly familiar with the Jamestown Foundation, which is why I was searching in the first place. The DMOZ editor is clearly skeptical but I’d rather form my own opinion. 


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The Ultimate Captcha

“No Premium User. Please solve the Riemann Hypothesis.”




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