Hacked by keymachine.de

I just noticed that my WordPress installation got hacked by a search engine spam injection attack sometime in the past few weeks. This particular one inserts invisible text with lots of keywords in footer.php. The changes to the file were made using the built-in theme editor, originating from ns.km20725.keymachine.de, which is currently at The spam campaign automatically updates the spam payload every day or so. The links point to a variety of servers that have also been hacked to host the spam content. Here is a sample: http://www.nanosolar.com/feb3/talk.php?28/82138131762.html
I’ve sent an e-mail to Nanosolar, so they’ll probably have that content cleaned up before long. But the automated SEO spam campaign updates the keyword and link payload regularly, so any affected WordPress sites will be updated to point at the new hosting victims.

From a quick check on Google, it looks like keymachine.de is a regular offender

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