Women in film

On the occasion of the Academy Awards, an interesting video montage featuring faces of famous actresses. via Instapundit 

I’ve noticed that over the past several years, I basically don’t see movies in theaters, except for kids movies. Everything else is either on airplanes, cable, DVD, or online.

Can’t see the lunar eclipse from here

I was thinking about taking a look at tonight’s lunar eclipse, but it turns out that it will be difficult to get a good look from here. The eclipse will last from 7:00 to 7:52pm PST, but moonrise isn’t until 7:42pm PST. By the time it clears the hills, trees and houses, I don’t think there will be much to see from here.

Land of the Morning Calm

Land of the Morning Calm 

Namdaemun fire

This is sad news – over the weekend, the Namdaemun gate at the center of Seoul was destroyed by fire. The Namdaemun gate is over 600 years old and is designated as the top item on the list of Korean National Treasures. For some perspective for non-Koreans, it’s kind of like hearing that the Statue of Liberty, London Bridge, or the Eiffel Tower burned down over the weekend.

Pictures from the BBC 

Vote – It’s Super Tuesday in California

Primary elections are Tuesday in California and many other states. I already sent in my mail-in ballot, but if you have one and you didn’t mail it already, you can still take it to a polling location in person to get it counted.