Random Dreamhost issues

In case you were wondering where the site went, the past 24 hours or so has been a day of random issues with Dreamhost.

Yesterday afternoon they were having connectivity problems, which took all their customers offline for a few hours.

This morning, I discovered that this site was running, but all Dreamhost sites were unreachable via SBC/PacBell here in the Bay Area. From the logs it looks like Comcast and a variety of overseas networks were still able to connect. The Google proxy hack mentioned this morning on O’Reilly provided another quick path for looking at the web site from a different network to verify that connectivity was still working, at least from the Google data center.

A couple of hours ago I got what I thought was a response to my e-mail regarding the network connectivity problem, but which turned out to be one of the CPU utilization warning letters that have been going out lately:

[your] CPU minute usage for today is 56.15. The daily limit is 60 CPU minutes. You will continue to receive these notifications as long as your resource consumption is over 50 CPU minutes.

A little mysterious, since traffic to the site was off because of the network outage, and spam traffic hasn’t spiked either.

There aren’t any resource utilization logs posted yet. I wonder if the flaky networking over the past day contributed to the high CPU use by leaving a lot of processes around waiting for I/O that was coming in slowly or never.

Anyway, the site seems to be running normally as of this afternoon (or at least, I can get to it now).

See also: Dreamhost load average = 1004.16?

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