October 2005 Search Referrals

Jeremy Zawodny posted a summary of his October search referral statistics, and I thought I’d take a quick look at mine.

october 2005 search referrals

Nearly all of the search referrals here come through Google. I also have a relatively large number of “Other”, some of which (I think) are various Chinese search engines.

Jeremy says:

The gap between Google and Yahoo! is hard to interpret, since it doesn’t come close to matching the publicly available market share numbers. The same is true of the numbers for MSN and AOL. They should be higher.

There are two ways I can think to explain this:

1. People who use Google are more likely to be searching for content that’s on my site.
2. The market share numbers are wrong. Google actually generates more traffic than has been reported and MSN and AOL have been over-estimated.

I suspect that #1 is closer to reality. After all, I most often write about topics that are of interest to an audience that’s more technical than average. And I suspect that crowd skews toward Google in a more dramatic fashion than the general population of Internet users. If that’s true, it would seem to confirm many of the stereotypes about AOL and MSN users.

It looks like my site has even less appeal for a consumer audience than his…

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