Amazon A9 Maps with Block Photo View

A first version of Amazon A9′s photo mapping project is open for business at

The block-by-block view is available for selected US metro areas, and provides a street-level view of storefronts, houses, parks, and whatever else happened to be in view when they drove by.

Here are a few sample locations to try:

  • MIT Great Dome
  • 59th street side of Central Park, New York
  • Union Square, San Francisco
  • Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to bookmark a location yet, so saving a particular location requires a bit of trial and error on the street address once you come across an interesting view.

    via Batelle’s Searchblog

    Also, at Search Engine Watch Gary Price comments on the early coverage of Fargo, North Dakota:

    So, why Fargo? A couple of weeks ago A9′s CEO, Udi Manber, told Danny:

    “The reason we have Fargo is one of the engineers lives there. He took the equipment home and did the whole place in a day.”

    So, I’m thinking that if you don’t have an A9 engineer living in your small town, don’t expect to see Block View imagery anytime soon. (-:

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