Nivo thin client aims to bring computing to developing nations

Here’s another project, Ndiyo, working on reducing the cost of IT for rural and developing markets. Their system is called Nivo, and uses a thin client approach to reduce the number of separate systems that need to be operated and maintained, vs the HP 4-4-1 which adds display, keyboards, and mice to a single Linux system. Some benefits of consolidating more users onto shared hardware include the centralized administration, lower power consumption, and lower cost per seat. Similar approaches can be implemented for Microsoft Windows, but unrestricted / free licensing is particularly attractive in the rural markets.

Pictures and story at BBC, Engadget, comments (some even on topic) at Slashdot

not-for-profit UK developers Ndiyo are looking at using them to bring more affordable computing to the developing world. They’ve designed a small (12 x 8 x 2cm), sub-$200 thin client box called Nivo that runs on open source software and has ports for ethernet, keyboard, mouse, monitor and power.

Some of the open source software used in their demo includes:

  • Ubuntu – Linux operating system
  • Gnome/KDE desktop
  • Open Office
  • Firefox browser
  • Gaim – instant messenger client
  • Thunderbird – cross-platform e-mail and Usenet client

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